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Our puppies born and grow up in a family atmosphere.
They enjoy our socialization and training program till early age working not only with us but with different professional trainers with which we collaborate.
Puppies leave the kennel not before the age of 10 weeks and if they need to stay with us for longer time, they enjoy walk at leash in town, puppy class and funnny time out of kennel not less then 2/3 times week.
All our puppies born only from health tested parents.

From June 2018 a professional trainer, specialized in puppy-socialization and training, with a 15 years experience, comes in kennel everyday to spend time with our puppies and adults and thanks to this excellent collaboration we are able to improve our socialization program and test on temperament all single puppies to pick the "right one for the right family/owner"
We believe that  PROFESSIONAL AND RESPONSABLE breeding is the only way to protect "breed type, breed temperament, breed working abilities" and thanks to the high knowledge and experience we can choose the right owners for our beloved puppies, mentoring and supporting them for the whole life.

We have puppies available from different combinations born on December 2019
Il Granaio dei Malatesta Castagnaccio x Il Granaio dei Malatesta Amarena


Our Lagottos are born and grow in a family environment, they are well socialized with other animals and people before being delivered. We breed only dogs without dysplasia with official result and tested for juvenile epilepsy and sd.


Via Ca' Cecchino 1
47834 Montefiore Conca
mobile: +393387568224 Monica Benelli
email: info@ilgranaiodeimalatesta.it


All puppies are equipped with regular pedigree enci / fci, health book, microchip, registration in the canine registry and delivered only after 60 days of birth.

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