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Via Ca' Cecchino 1
47834 Montefiore Conca (Italy)

Registerd to ENCI - FCI since 1999


It is a dog specialized in the search for truffles on any type of terrain; only race recognized with this attitude. It is an ancient race to be carried in water, present since the sixteenth century, in the valleys of Comacchio and in the Ravenna lagoons and spread, starting from the nineteenth century, in the plains and hills of Romagna with the specific function of truffles.

Typical water dog, of medium-small size, mesomorphic, square; the general appearance is rustic, strong and well proportioned, it is possible to understand its functionality in the work. The expression is attentive, intelligent and lively. While working he exhibits passion and efficiency, exploiting the innate attitude to the search and the excellent smell. The hunting instinct has been canceled, so it is not distracted by the wild. Affectionate and very close to the owner, he is also an excellent pet dog, very trainable.
General appearance
The Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium-small, medium-sized, rustic-looking dog, strongly built and very well proportioned, with a dense, curly, woolly texture. The general conformation is that of a light mesomorph whose trunk is in the square, harmonious with respect to the format (heterometry) and disharmonic with respect to the profiles (alloidism).

Important proportions
The length of the head reaches 4/10 of the height at the withers. The length of the snout is 2/10 lower than the length of the skull (ie the muzzle corresponds to about 44% of the total length of the head). The height of the rib is somewhat less than 50% of the height at the withers and may touch 44% of this height.
The function of Lagotto Romagnolo consists in the search for truffles, a work that takes place with passion and efficiency, exploiting its innate aptitude for research and its excellent sense of smell.

Having erased the hunting instinct, in his work is not distracted by the wild and can be considered the only real specialist for truffle hunting. Sober, intelligent, affectionate, very attached to the owner and easily trainable, the Lagotto Romagnolo is also an excellent alerting and companion dog.

Show and working results

New Slovenian Champion


All puppies are equipped with regular pedigree enci / fci, health book, microchip, registration in the canine registry and delivered only after 60 days of birth.


Via Ca' Cecchino 1
47834 Montefiore Conca
mobile: +393387568224 Monica Benelli


Our Lagottos are born and grow in a family environment, they are well socialized with other animals and people before being delivered. We breed only dogs without dysplasia with official result and tested for juvenile epilepsy and sd.
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